Easy Access Showering

Replace Your Bath With A Walk-in Shower, In Just 1 Day...

If you're thinking of removing your old bath and installing a walk-in shower enclosure, picking off the shelf isn't always the simple answer.
All of us are very different. We will want something that can be designed around our personal needs. Therefore we need to listen to YOU as you are the only one who can tell us your requirements, needs and wants.
We can then supply, and install the best showering enclosure for YOU and make your life a little easier. You will not have to worry about "Will it fit?" or "Will it work?" - we will look after that side of the installation. You just tell us what would make your life easier and we'll do the rest.
This type of refurbishment only takes a day to install. So there's no mess or inconvenience and the next day you'll be enjoying... THE SHOWER THAT'S MADE FOR YOU !
P.S. If we supply and install everything for you, and you are registered disabled, we do not charge you VAT!